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Navus event solutions have helped hundreds of events and meetings globally to deliver high quality experience, enhance learning and optimize their event management.

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What can you do with Navus?

Navus helps you grow your event and meetings, no matter how small.

Integrated Event Management

Expect More. Easily set up and manage your events with your team. Select from key digital services within one fully integrated platform. Configure your website, mobile app, materials portal, registration system, program planner etc.

Provide one log in and account for your attendees that spans across all your events.

Advanced Educational Technologies

Educate further. Tailor the Learning Experience of your participants. Publish speaker content instantly, allowing live interactions, dialogues, Voting and Polling, be it in lectures, debates, consensus meetings etc. Live stream your event. Offer content on demand to participants members, guests or paying users. The process also takes care of speaker consents.

AI Driven Personalisation

Personalise. Set up your own AI specifications for a personalised learning experience for each of your attendees and users.

Content Hubs

Connect further. Partner with other related events and create educational content hubs. Each event markets the other one allowing to grow your audience.

Smart Advertising

Earn more. Specify your own digital sponsorship offering across all available platform channels. Allow Sponsors to run their own campaign by rotating messages across all channels hence achieving greater reach to their target audience.

Cost Control

Pay as you earn. Your cost is linked to the number of attendees, the duration of use and the booking of advertising space. Your first 100 delegates are free.

Event Makers

Our team of local Event Makers is available to support you at every step of the way, online and on site.

How does an event with multiple Navus services at work look like?

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Who is using Navus?


Organisers benefit from a fully integrated suite with all major modules to organise better events. This includes ticketing/registration, content publishing, interactive learning mobile apps, website builders, AI for personalisation of content, a sponsorship ad platform and many more…


Sponsors benefit from a wider and more targeted reach to their audience. Messages are rotated across available digital channels before, during and long after the event.


Medical Societies and institutional educators benefit from Navus’ experience in building and operating customised educational portals including the production and editing of medical news and educational content.

What our customers say about NAVUS?

We have delivered hundreds of conferences and digital projects

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What conference delegates say about our services

Navus at work at recent and upcoming events

SEHH 2019 | 24-26 October 2019 | Valencia, Spain
DZHI/DZHK Joint Symposium Heart Failure Interfaces| 11-13 July 2019 | Würzburg, Germany
ERA-EDTA 2019 | 13-16 June 2019 | Budapest, Hungary
PHP Serbia conference | 23-26 May 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia
1st EBMT GVHD Summit | 16-18 May 2019 | Warsaw, Poland
2nd Regional Congress of Medical Oncology REKONIO | 16-18 May 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia
Bosh eMagine | 7-10 May 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia
EFR 2019 | 24-27 April 2019 | Vienna, Austria
ICSW 2019 | 8-12 April 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia
EquityPitcher Come Together | 4 April 2019 | Zürich, Switzerland
EHA-EBMT 1st European CAR T Cell Meeting| 14-16 February 2019 | Paris, France
GIOHIS 2019 | 4-5 February 2019 | Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi and the Louvre Abu Dhabi
GrowIT – Full Stack Conference | 1-2 December 2018 | Novi Sad, Serbia
AIBD | 13-15 December 2018 | Orlando, Florida
Clinical Transplantation Day | 30 November 2018 |Barcelona, Spain
Investor Summit | 31 October 2018 | Liechtenstein
ESICM 2018 – Baxter Booth | 20-24 October 2018 | Paris
Kidney Week – Baxter Booth | 23-28 October 2018 | San Diego, CA
SEHH | 11–13 October 2018 | Granada, Spain
ESCP | 26–28 September 2018 | Nice, France
ADWP & SAAWP | 15-17 November 2018 |Florence, Italy

Fully Integrated Offering


For an easy life of any organiser

  • Event Website
  • Registration / Ticketing
  • Program Creator yes
  • Speaker Consent and photo app
  • Communication Materials (Templates)
  • Email Campaign Module
  • Advanced Dashboards
  • Speaker Management
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Event Maker Consultation


For a great attendee experience

  • Interactive Program Planner
  • Learning Mobile App
  • Live Streaming Broadcast
  • Content Personalisation with AI / Machine Learning
  • E-materials portal for publication of speaker materials* optional
  • Content Hubs for multiple meetings on request
  • E-posters on request
  • E-learning courses on request
  • E-campus on site on request
  • Summary Videos on request
  • Event Maker Consultation on request
  • Medical Summary Articles on request


For higher profits

  • Sponsor Advertising Platform optional
  • Direct Sponsorship Sales on request
  • Pay per View for your Content on request
  • Lead Services for Exhibitors on request

For other services please ask.
We have more in the pipeline and work with very good partners.

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Words from the CEO

Our mission at Navus is to enhance the world through education. We focus on educational events of all sizes, harnessing the power of people when they come together to create new knowledge. Our passion is to enable organisers to touch the hearts and minds of their attendees and for their events to go much further. This includes easier management, better learning, more connections and consequently higher earnings. We achieve this through smart technologies and innovative networks – connecting people, content and events beyond the usual.

We are a Swiss based company with a fabulous team of 20 with ten years of experience delivering solutions for hundreds of local and international conferences, meetings and technology projects.

For further growth we have received our first round of funding through

I am inviting you to get in touch and talk about how we can create more impact with your educational events. Please connect through my colleagues below or send me an e-mail.

Martin Gruber